Scheduled Properties

Kindly Note: Schedules are Subject to Daily Changes

NameOrder TBDAddressPVA #Appraised Value
120-CI-00971 Mid South Capital Partners, LP v. Midge Tryon, et al.3031 Beech Grove Road, Shepherdsville, KY 40165029-000-00-004$30,000
219-CI-00534Bank United, N.A. v. Brian Andrew Thornsberry, et al.252 Halcomb Court, Mt. Washington, KY 40047 063-NE0-22-012$255,000
321-CI-00906 Freedom Mortgage Corporation v, David M. Giles II, et al.11033 South Preston HWY, Lebanon Junction, KY 40150041-W00-03-007$160,000
422-CI-00592Kentucky Housing Corporation v. Joseph L. Thomas, Jr., et al. Canceled212 Tecumseh Drive, Shepherdsville, KY 40165 037-NW0-02-006D
523-CI-00108U.S. Bank Trust N.A., not in its individual capacity, but solely as collateral trust trustee of FirstKey Master Funding 2021-A Collateral Trust v. Michael Miller, et al. – 226 Haley Ave, Shepherdsville, KY 40165 
623-CI-00136 Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC – Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Joshua C. Tucker, et alCanceled6863 HWY 44 East, Mt. Washington, KY 40047
723-CI-00386Carla Owen Gogan, Cindy Owen, Carole J. McPherson v. Rhonda Robinson, et al.3435 Greenbriar Road, Mt. Washington, KY 40047  
823-CI-00621Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Richard Todd Lee, et al.224 Overdale Drive, Louisville, KY 40229043-NE0-30-004$175,000
923-CI-00622Rocket Mortgage, LLC f/k/a Quicken Loans, LLC f/k/a Quicken Loans Inc. v. Erin Stoll, et al.507 Overlook Road, Louisville, KY 40229 043-N00-08-005$170,000
1023-CI-00664Republic Bank & Trust Company v. Kelly Kearney, et al.
Canceled353 Lutz Lane, Shepherdsville, KY 40165      080-000-00-028A      
1123-CI-00665Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC v. Johnna S. Wimsatt, et al.

289 Beech Grove Road, Shepherdsville, KY 40165          037-C00-11-011
1223-CI-00742         Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Gregory W. Peters, AKA Greg W. Peters
    215 Douglas Drive, Shepherdsville, KY 40165 054-SW0-05-004        $140,000
1323-CI-00845        Kentucky Housing Corporation v. Jazavia E. Childs, et al.
947 Tecumseh Drive, Shepherdsville, KY 40165         037-NW0-17-028        $178,575