Announcements & Rules

Resolving Legal Disputes and Debts

Primary Responsibility to Facilitate Property Sales and Auctions

One of the Master Commissioner’s primary responsibilities is to facilitate property sales and auctions to settle legal disputes or satisfy debts. These sales are held on the last Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. at the Bullitt County Courthouse as needed. Our team is committed to ensuring that these sales are carried out in a fair and transparent manner in accordance with the law.

Securing the Sale Price

Retains Lien on Property and Requires Surety from Purchaser

The Master Commissioner will retain a lien on the property sold to secure the sale price. If the purchaser elects to post bond, he/she will be required to provide sufficient surety. If the purchaser elects to post bond (10% down balance within 30 days) he/she will be required to provide sufficient surety. Each purchaser who elects to post bond will need another adult (over 18) who resides at a different address than the purchaser to undersign surety jointly & severally promise to pay per KRS 426.705. Both signatures will be required on the day of the sale. 

* All sales are as is. The Commissioner’s office has no information about the condition of the property and cannot grant anyone access to the property.  Neither the Plaintiff, its Counsel, the Court, nor the Commissioner shall be deemed to have warranted title to any purchaser.

Payment and Bond Requirements

Purchasers at Bullitt County Master Commissioner Sales

The purchasers will be required to pay ten percent (10%) down the day of sale in the form of cash, personal or bank check and post bond on the remainder with the balance due in thirty (30) days. Pursuant to KRS 426.705 the bond shall bear interest at the rate the judgment bears, until paid in ful. It is the intention of the office of the Master Commissioner to close within thirty (30) days.